Project Management

The successful development of any project, relies upon regular and effective communication between the client and development team. The latest industry standards, technical advances, protocols and best practice are adhered to and advised upon throughout development.

Project Manager

Lindsey, our project manager will be your day-to-day contact and will keep you updated on progress. Meetings will be arranged as necessary and your feedback is encouraged at all stages.

We strongly believe in building good, lasting relationships with our clients - this results in a shared understanding, mutual confidence and trust.

Development Process

In order to ensure that your project is achieved on time, within budget and fully meets your expectations, we follow a simple staged development process.

Work will be presented for your review, evaluation and approval at key stages, with each one being signed-off before we proceed to the next – that way there will be no nasty surprises at the end of the project!

A summary of each stage is given below:


Project requirements meeting, resulting in the production of a document describing build and functionality, including draft navigation map and milestone dates


Creative design Treatment concepts to show look and feel


Application of the chosen Treatments across a sample portion of the project i.e. home page and section pages, interface screen and navigation


A completed version of the project with all content and functionality in place, ready for full proofing and testing

Final Product

The client signs off the project and the final tested version is published to the Internet or handed over

NB Not all projects will require all stages and we can be flexible about this to meet everyone’s individual needs.