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We have been building cross-platform apps for over a decade; from fun compelling games, travel guides, data collection and health apps to global finance and everything in between. Beautifully designed, either by your favourite designer or one we’ll hand pick for you, Buzz will build an app that’s optimised for today’s wide range of iOS and Android devices and provide the best user experience.

We’re happy sharing as much of the technical process as you want, so if you’re new to this we won’t bombard you and if you’re tech-curious we’ve got all the juicy details. The most important thing is that we’ll work with you at your pace, learning what you need and keeping you informed.

Why Buzz?

  • A great, ten year track record building apps
  • Trusted by all sizes of business - see our testimonials
  • A friendly team of ten, ready to provide a personal service
  • Publishing on the app stores taken care of for you
  • We can also build the web backend (sometimes required to populate content on the app)
  • Security and reliability through our ISO 27001 accreditation

Trade recommendation list
Trade performance dashboard
accounces screen
Tesco Mobile home screen
Tesco Mobile rocket packs
Tesco mobile usage dashboard
XplorEDEN splash screen
Eden Exhibits Map
XplorEDEN explore a quieter spot
Thanks again to all the team for a really amazing job on SALT for this week - you made us look like rock stars :-)

Alison Cashmore, Marketing Manager

Pure Card Login screen
Pure Card Top up screen
Pure Card Contact screen
Woofy Woops splash screen
Woofy woops squirting water
Barclays rewards list
Barclays rewards map
Barclays rewards detail list
I know the project it is not finished but we have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work you have all shown.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager

Dopy Dinosaur splash screen
Dopy Dinosaur game preview
NPWA profile page
NPWA start example screen shot
NPWA game example screen
We are really impressed with the app it’s looking great. It’s all come together better than we had hoped for. We’re really excited to start user testing.

Tanuvi Ethunandan, Co-Founder

The Cube
The Cube ball tower game
Mutu home screen
Mutu warm up screen
Mutu work out option list screen
Menieres setting screen
Menieres symptom screen
Menieres statistics screen
App for Cornwall homescreen
App for Cornwall activity list
App for Cornwall activity map

The technical bit

We identified the opportunities of cross platform development very early in our work on mobile platforms, and quickly settled on C#, .Net and Xamarin as the best toolset for sharing code between platforms whilst maintaining native interfaces and performance. The balance between shareable and platform specific code differs from project to project, but we generally aim for a 70/30 split between core and front-end. This provides development efficiencies and means that our apps have a rock-solid foundation and a single point of maintenance coupled with a platform specific, native interface. We’ll project manage everything using Azure DevOps, designed to help things run smoothly and keep every version of your code safe. When you are ready to go live we can publish your app for you to Apple and Google (or be available to assist if you’d prefer to handle this yourself).

How much?

A simple app for one platform only (iOS or Android) is likely to start at around £6,500. We don’t use templates or recycle old apps so every penny of that goes towards making your app unique to your specific needs. Adding a second platform, interactive elements and more complex functionality will move the price toward £12,000. From there, a cross-platform app with multiple features such as trails with map markers, data collection, dynamic display, product visualisations and games is likely to cost from £25,000+. We’re considerate of your business needs and will advise accordingly.  Buzz is VAT registered and these prices are quoted excluding VAT.

I can’t say thank you enough for everything Buzz are doing and the support and professionalism you have given – we like to treat our customers the same way and it’s so refreshing to have it reciprocated. We love our app!

Christina Seymour, Founder

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