Kind words from friends of Buzz

We’ve been lucky to work with a lot of great people over the years, and they’ve been kind enough to offer us heartfelt and spontaneous feedback. This appreciation gets us through the day, and drives us to do our very best.

To everyone we’ve ever worked with, thank you!

Buzz wouldn’t be here without you.

I just wanted to say thank you for the very helpful meeting yesterday. Gemma and I came away armed with lots to be getting on with and feel excited about launching the new look website - so thanks very much for your input and advice.

Juliet May, Director, TiA

You guys really are the best – you have been fantastic throughout and I have recommended you highly to everybody

Sam Taylor, Founder, Sofa Dodger

We love your work, the website is great, especially the way you guys coded the ASP.NET framework

Mark Blewett, Hedgehog Digital

A special thank you to James for the quality and speed of the work he has done for GetGo

Tom Birmingham, Marketing Manager, Gain Capital

At first glance it is all looking marvellous Lindsey thank you very much indeed will have a closer look over the next few days!

Ceri Crowther, Truro Cathedral

Thanks – and website is looking totally Awesome (with a giant capital ‘A’)

Liz Mulloy, Truro Cathedral

Honestly we’re so thrilled with the site. We’re going to reveal the draft to staff at a meeting next Wednesday – think they’ll all be just as excited as we are 😊

Liz Mulloy, Truro Cathedral

I have been editing some of the content this morning and the system is really easy to use which is great.

Juliet May, Director, TiA

Thanks again for a really productive and upbeat meeting as ever. It looks impressive. We’re ecstatic!

Mike Frith, Owner, Reef Water

Thank you ever so much, things will be much smoother with your changes…so this will make things so much easier - thank you!

Frances Barr, Marketing, Time Team

It's been going really well so far, thanks for all of the team's hard work on this it's been so helpful (and life saving really!)

Harriet Mann, Moneyfarm

It’s looking fantastic! Definitely couldn’t have achieved this with an off the shelf system. Fantastic progress.

Paul Upton, CEO, Ultramed

We have had a 35-40% up lift in approvals rates of applications since you (Buzz) worked on the new scoring for us. It has made a noticeable difference and we really appreciate everything you have done.

Warren Ruhomon, Manager, Gain Capital

We're very impressed! What you’ve shown us there in a couple of clicks, we currently have to use 3 different apps for!

Mike Frith, Owner, Reef Water

The work that Buzz have done is simply stunning both on the integration with other systems and on the Content Management System. There is so much innovative thinking and action in the CMS it is hard to start to describe.

Paul Upton, CEO, Ultramed

Thanks again to all the team for a really amazing job on SALT for this week - you made us look like rock stars :-)

Alison Cashmore, Marketing Manager, Gain Capital

I know the project it is not finished but we have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work you have all shown.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager, Hawk Incentives

Fantastic. This is brilliant! This is great, really really excited, I think this will make a massive difference to our sales. So much better.

Ben Rotheray, Marketing Manager, Bott Ltd

Happy birthday Buzz, you've done lots of great work for me over the last decade!

Ben Rotheray, Marketing Manager, Bott Ltd

We’ve tested it and it’s coming along really nice, the second task for replacing the brake block is working especially well and the core functions can’t be faulted.

Turan, Engineer, Transport for London

Once again, thanks for the brilliant response from the whole team at Buzz. It is easy when it is all going well, it is when it goes wrong that we really now see the commitment.

Paul Upton, CEO, Ultramed

Oh my goodness it’s amazing!! It’s very lovely!

Charity Wilson, Founder, Beam Education

Yesterday’s meeting was very positive - yet another assessment lead confirmed that we have a platform that is uniquely easy to use, intuitive and pleasing to the eye. Brilliant feedback…and we’re already getting happy customer comments!

Charity Wilson, Founder, Beam Education

Very well received… I’m really impressed with how much customisation we have been able to deliver from the CMS albeit with a few tweaks.

Paul Upton, CEO, Ultramed

Once again, thank you to you, Paul and the team for your efforts on this project they have been nothing short of excellent.

Andy Stevens, Grass Roots Group

Thanks Dean, we are all delighted with the App and happy that you have been able to deliver the product given the time constraints. Thanks for your hard work.

Andy Bartlett, Product Design Manager, Worlds Apart

A lot of success in Hong Kong - the app behaved really well. One visitor spent an hour playing with it and it performed well.

Neil Gray, Head of Design, Worlds Apart

Thanks for taking the trouble to identify the issue and fix so promptly.

Clare Tagg, Director, New Vision Group

Absolutely terrific, really impressed how quickly and how right it is and that it’s even better than I had done myself by hand. It’s just marvellous!

Mark Yeoman, Manager, Active Plus

…appreciate this is a bit 11th hour and you guys have been brilliant with turnaround times

John Clegg

(the apps) are doing really well for them, 100’s of thousands of downloads, they all seem happy.

Joe Arkley, BetYetu

It is hard to believe that we have been delivering delivering Who Dares Works for a year now and have supported over 300 participants and delivered oodles of activity! I am hoping that you will be able to renew your work with us this year as we are really keen to start to develop the MIS into an organisation-wide tool, it has already been a great asset to the project.

Carolyn Webster, Programme Manager, Active Plus

Your help (and time!) is hugely appreciated. You are my hero! Thank you for looking into this with such short notice. It's much appreciated. A huge thanks to Ryan too - you've got a top guy there!

Jonny Wilson, Hawk Incentives

Everything has gone really smoothly, so thanks for that. I have invited all users and no problems so far. Thanks for getting this up and running for us.

Jeannette Barrett, Customer Services Manager, Property Software Group

We are really impressed with the app it’s looking great. It’s all come together better than we had hoped for. We’re really excited to start user testing.

Tanuvi Ethunandan, Co-Founder, Data Duopoly

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