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Active Plus, in their own words “use the skills, experience and expertise of injured military veterans to deliver unique programmes that build confidence, communication, motivation and self-belief; unlocking and nurturing the potential of participants regardless of their background and circumstance.”

To deliver their programmes and track success, each participant is enrolled and must complete a…

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Where it all started

Buzz became involved through a partnership with Paul Davies, a respected design psychologist who was working with Active Plus to simplify the steps of engagement and reduce the amount of paperwork and duplicated effort. This had led to a very strong animated prototype being produced that distilled each of the necessary forms into a series of clear, crisply designed steps.

Having worked with Buzz before on a number of data-heavy projects for the Department of Work and Pensions, Paul brought us on board to bring the prototype to life.

Working together

Initial results were mixed. End users liked the simplicity of the system and the ease with which they could engage with it. It was a success from their perspective, but the shift away from paper forms meant that the internal team, who were adept at interpreting them, lost some of their control of the process. With end users happy, Buzz refocused effort on management and reporting of the collected data.

We identified very quickly that there was an expectation the new system would produce digital duplicates of the completed paper forms, which would then be processed in exactly the same way. In part, this was due to the heavy focus on end users in the original prototype.

Through further discussion and training, it became clear that this step could be removed and that the new system surpassed the old one by producing ready to submit reports.

The system has been in use for more than two years now, and we continue to work closely with Active Plus tailoring the system to their changing needs.

It is hard to believe that we have been delivering delivering Who Dares Works for a year now and have supported over 300 participants and delivered oodles of activity! I am hoping that you will be able to renew your work with us this year as we are really keen to start to develop the MIS into an organisation-wide tool, it has already been a great asset to the project.

Carolyn Webster, Programme Manager, Active Plus

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