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Online van racking configurator

Bott produce premium, customisable van racking solutions. Traditionally, these solutions have been sold to large fleets, with each option manually configured and illustrated by a draughtsperson. Looking to make the product more efficient to sell to smaller companies and individuals, Bott approached Buzz to craft a solution to enable them to reach a wider audience.…

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Developing for mobile and tablets

Buzz worked hard to give a great experience on mobile and tablets, as a large portion of traffic comes from these devices. Having built a sustainable sales platform, we’re continuing to work closely with Bott as their internal development team evolve the configurator to the next level.

The configurator uses Angular, TypeScript and an API built in MVC to provide a snappy user experience.

Fantastic.This is brilliant! This is great, really really excited, I think this will make a massive difference to our sales. So much better

Ben Rotheray, Marketing Manager Bott Ltd

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