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Rewards for your loyalty

The Barclays Premiere Rewards app, version six, is a collaboration between Buzz and Hawk Incentives. 

The app provides Barclays Premier customers with quick access to treats and discounts using location alerts and easy map based searching. 

New in version six of the app is a dynamic Home screen and Prize Draws. The project team at Barclays see this as the start of a new phase of development for the app, with a new look and new features already in planning.

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Cross platform tools

Buzz were selected for this versions’ mobile app development because of the efficiency of our cross platform tools. All previous versions were built with a hybrid of native and progressive web app resulting in two independent apps to build, test and maintain. Buzz’s approach, using Xamarin, allowed for a single codebase with much of the code shared.

The result? Automated testing (covering Android and iOS simultaneously) leading to fewer issues during User Acceptance Testing, tighter team collaboration giving a more consistent user experience and a first time penetration test pass, correcting all previous issues.

Combined languages

We use a combination of object oriented C# for user interface, and functional F# for business logic. 

F# is less error prone and more closely matches real-world business process flows.

Our development approach

The project adheres to a strict Domain Driven Design methodology.

Our Continuous Integration pipeline, Azure DevOps, has delivered over 550 different installable builds.

The code shared between iOS and Android has over 2,000 automated unit tests.


Shared core code commits


iOS code commits


Android code commits
Thank you so much for all the support and hours that you have put into building PRA6. We have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work by you all.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager. Hawk Incentives

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