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Reef Water Solutions specialise in health and safety assessment of water systems. Reef approached Buzz to improve their paper-based survey system that engineers use during visits to clients’ premises. This labour intensive and error prone process was replaced with an iOS app that allowed engineers to survey a building in a directed but flexible way, uploading supporting evidence of findings. The…

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Development process

Over a series of meetings where the events and processes of the business were analysed, Buzz built up a domain map of Reef’s business that could be translated into a software system. This required close collaboration between business experts and Buzz’s developers, with information and ideas flowing freely. This resulted in the development of a dashboard that manages clients, quotations, jobs, engineers and reports, accessible to everyone involved in the process. Engineers can see their schedule in a calendar view, and clients have immediate access to reports.

We adopted an agile process during production, bounded into clear phases with independent budgets. This allowed the product to evolve without putting financial pressure on the business.

Working together

We have a strong working relationship on this account built on trust, camaraderie and...cake

No stone is left unturned by the teams in determining the requirements for each new module to the portal and development follows an iterative approach, resulting in completion to everyone’s satisfaction. 

Meetings are a high point of the week and usually feature a sweet or savoury delight!



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We initially used Buzz to create two compliance apps for our water services risk assessments and were so impressed with their fresh, innovative and professional approach to what was a challenging and complex project, we asked them to re-invent our entire compliance and operational software. The Team at Buzz evaluate every process in minute detail, concentrating very much on personal interaction and user functionality, and have produced a system we are immensely proud of.

Mike Frith, Managing Director

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